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About Me

As a professional freelance writer, I’ve worked with clients across North America and Europe on topics from manufacturing and music to aviation and law.  

My decades of experience in marketing, copywriting and print production have included working with well-known retailers, manufacturers and professional service providers. A solid background in consumer marketing helps me humanize business-to-business writing and simplify complex ideas in business, science and industry. 

I’ve held senior management positions in established companies and start-ups as well as leadership roles in volunteer organizations such as Toastmasters and various community-based music ensembles. When it comes to business objectives and strategy, I get it. 

My brother, Frank Reddon, and I self-published a hardcover book and three e-books about British rock group Led Zeppelin. Our self-publishing venture benefited from my practical experience in print production and editing, as well as my familiarity with branding and intellectual property issues.  

Read a true story.

Graduate of the School of Life 
As part of my university education in French translation, I lived in Brussels, Belgium, where I attended a translation institute. In addition to French, I have varying proficiencies in Italian, Spanish, German and I even learned a little bit of Danish while communicating with Frank’s book interviewees.  

My aptitude for languages, my writing skill and my ear for music (I play the flute) combine to give me a unique ability to capture subtle nuances. I can make your words sing in your very own voice! 

Thanks to these professional and life experiences, I have gained a worldview and respect for various cultures that inform my choice of words to effectively communicate ideas to any specified audience.  

Imaginative, compassionate and empathetic, I’m well able to put myself in another’s place and understand how to reach, inspire or motivate with words that profoundly touch the emotions. 

Please Share Your Story with Me 

If publishing a book is your lifelong dream, I’d love to help you realize it. By hiring me to ghostwrite, you won’t have to waste your time staring at that blank screen.
As much as I enjoy reading novels, I’m strictly a non-fiction writer best suited to help you write about… 

  • Corporate histories 
  • Personal biographies 
  • Leadership 
  • Communication 
  • How-to’s 
  • Customer success stories 
  • Business “soft skills” but nothing remotely financial or tech-related 
Rave Reviews
We would like to express our deep appreciation to Lou Anne for her pitch-perfect editorial hand and for being a superb ‘last line of defense’. 
E. Adams-Smith,
Jerawyn Publishing, Inc., Rye, NY
Everything was beyond expectation. A superior professional with superior writing skills, all on time and on budget. Excellent work and worker. Conscientious. Highly recommended. 
R. Davis,
Ron Davis Music, Toronto, ON
The quality of Lou Anne’s work is excellent. She always meets deadlines. She’s friendly and ready to adapt to our needs.
R. Ramos,
Houston, TX
Working with Lou Anne was a pleasure. She was very professional and brought a high level of expertise to our job. Her work is very thorough. She responded to messages promptly, communicated regularly and made several good suggestions. 
D. Iriguchi,
Rancho Cordova, CA
Lou Anne is timely, considerate and professional. She made some great recommendations. 
D. Harbut,
Lexington, KY